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Art –
Our art department employs a large number of artists. Polishing, engraving and carving artists work hard alongside painters, illustrators and plumbers in metal, silver and gold. Rich symbolic representations, along with classical Judaica and modern personal creation, make their way gently and reverently to the shofars, to the observance of a mitzvah and to deepen the uplifting attitude towards the shofar. Along with all these, we present exclusive collections of covers and complementary accessories, in a wide and beautiful variety of special and spectacular products. This is how you will find shofar cases (and also a tallit) made of quality fur, cases with captions and illustrations, set designs suitable for the shofar and more.

Decorated trumpets, etc .:

A random stroll through every Jewish museum in the world will immediately teach that shofars have never only been a tool for fulfilling the commandment to blow the shofar, but also a great source of inspiration for creation and art in all generations. Whether it was the long-standing expectation of the sound of the trumpet of Messiah or the wondrous description of the blowing of the trumpet at Mount Sinai, trumpets have always been and always will be a tremendous symbol that ignites the imagination of creators and artists. We are proud to support a line of adorers, illustrators and trumpet carvers, wonderful artists who preserve ancient traditions with endless love and bring amazing results from their homes.
Painted Shofar: Our best painters with soulful illustrations of your shofar, in a variety of techniques and objects of painting. All you have to do is choose the illustrated mouthpiece that has touched your heart.

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