Painted Shofars

The art collection:
In our art department we employ a group of gifted people we are very proud of. Masters of polish
carving, and inscriptions. They passionately coat the shofars with gold and silver. Rich symbolic designs,
both classic Judaic art and modern art are incorporated within their work. A work made to glorify the
Shofar. To complement the shofar various cases are available. Cases both for Shofars and Tallit bags are
made to perfection using the best furs and fabrics available. Customisation is readily available, as well as
personal name tagging. This helps complete a desirable set, both for personal use and display.

A quick scan of Shofars throughout history will teach us that Shofars have forever been perceived as not
only as a vessel to blow during the High Holidays, but also as a symbolic sign of redemption, and was
thus identified as a decorative piece of Judaica as well. Messianic ideas and hopes come to mind, as well
as the roaring Shofars at mount Sini. Artists have forever cherish decorating Shofars, and here at
Jerusalem Shofars we couldn’t be more proud to share our collection.

Hand drawn Shofars:
The best of our artists hand paint these Shofars full of soul. The designs vary, it’s up to you to find
which Shofar speaks to your heart.

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